Friday, April 13, 2007

April Snow...ugh!

Wisconsin got a considerable April snowstorm on Wednesday, April 11...the first time this has occured in several years. It's mostly melted by today, though :-).

Here are some pics I took shortly after the snow began in Green Bay:

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Additional late March/early April severe weather event links

The Research Team

Group photos of myself and the other two Research Assistants working with UWGB professor Adolfo Garcia on his roommate conflict study this semester. Molly is on the left, Chelsea on the right.

Phoenix Connexion #04-04 (Season 4, Episode 4)

I finally got around to uploading screenshots from the episode that aired the week after Spring Break (March 20-25). It actually ended up airing until April 1, because some cancellations and miscommunications in the production department forced the next scheduled episode to be cancelled. The next episode (currently airing until tomorrow) is #04-05, originally scheduled for the previous week, and I am currently working on #04-06 to air starting Tuesday, April 10.

I've started putting in an overlay with the host's names at the beginning of every episode.

This episode featured a tour of the new Kress Events Center, to open fall 2007, replacing the Phoenix Sports Center. Assistant Chancellor Dean Rodeheaver (left) conducted the tour, interviewed by Channel 20 producer intern Dan Whelan (right).

An interior shot of the still-under-construction Kress Events Center.

An exterior shot.

On Tuesday, March 6, Jeff Last of the Green Bay National Weather Service Office presented a storm spotter training seminar at UWGB, as he does every spring. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the NWS's volunteer spotter program as well as severe weather awareness in general among UWGB students, so I videotaped the seminar to include clips from it on the show. I also conducted a short interview with Mr. Last following the seminar.

The Maintenance Tip of The Week featured tips on shower maintenance and cleanliness, including a plug for the electric shower cleaner that Dan is demonstrating here. I found this highly ironic when I edited it because my family has these in our showers at home, and I don't like them.

The studio guest was the soon-to-be departing (elections were coming up shortly) SGA (Student Government Association) President Trista Seubert.