Friday, May 25, 2007

A list of my Internet aliases

Lately it seems that every useful website requires users to create a username and profile in order to access the useful content. Everything started out all neat and cozy with the Stoughton Piston Head Society website, but now I'm leaving my stuff flung all over the far corners of the Internet. I'm creating this list in part so people that know me can find everything I've written and posted, and in part so that I can keep everything straight and don't forget where I'm registered!

This is only a partial list, I have many other accounts that I don't use anymore either because the site closed down or I found a better one to serve the same purpose.

AOL/AIM/Pogo: vespanidus
Yahoo: vespanidus
Blogger: ayearedubya (duh, you're here!)
YouTube: VespineVid2
Railroad Picture Archives dot Net: andyws/contributor Andre Wehrle
Facebook: Take a wild guess...
MySpace: darkskiesoverwisconsin
Epinions: vespanidus
Wikipedia: WISkies
Photobucket: wisconsinskies
Stormtrack Forums: Andy Wehrle Forums: Andy Wehrle
WxChat: thehumanlightningrod Forums: Andy Wehrle Forums: Andy Andy WISkywatcher AndyWS (Formerly AndyWS
Fuzzy World 3: AndyWSOR
Mike's Railroad Crossing Forum: AndyWS Andy Wehrle
Pokerstars: SilverHornet
The Poker Forum: TheVespine
Chess Exchange Forum: PxQ??
MobilEdit Forums: AW86


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